About the company

Наша цель Our main goal is the empowerment
trading bots, and increase the flow of funds. Our
bots trading in small amounts (2% of Bank)
safe operation. In order for bots traded big
the amounts we need to increase our Bank. We decided not
sell yourself lol, because it's not easy, every bot consists of
different programs on different computers, in three countries. But we
can provide access to the bots through rent. What we implemented.

Как это работает After registration in the system, your login is registered in the register of specific bot, and your money pouring into the Bank of the bot, after what our bot trades General funds and pays all participants % according to the Tariff plan selected bot. The bot uses your money, earns, and pays you % and your Deposit, and earned over remains in the Bank.

Реферальная программа You can additionally earn
using our referral program.
The referral system has three levels:

  • 7% на первом уровне
  • 3% на втором уровне
  • 1% на третьем уровне

7% - 3% - 1%

Наша команда Our group is three private individuals, we are working on themselves. We successfully traded on all types of stock exchanges know all the laws and markets around them. Our programmer-hacker creates any needed software to trade.

The last few years, we in the crypto-market is almost entirely here. During the day, the bots do hundreds of operations and give us profit from 10% to 5000%, trading on 2% of the total Bank.

2.64% To 100 % DAYLY

We are registered in London, but we have no permanent
office, mainly we are located in Bangkok or Hong Kong.
We are not public people, and do not provide their basic
contacts for security purposes.